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Apply our methods and implement them in 
your daily operations

Sustainability can be a powerful driver for innovation and business growth, especially when applied within the context of information and communication technologies.


Working with together with our partner mm1 and a network of independent consultants and partners, we enable your company to make the most of our methods through in-house workshops and advisory services in the areas of sustainable product- and business model innovation and digital transformation. To learn more or book a coaching session, please get in touch


If you are interested in applying our methods in a systematic way and partner with us, please contact us.



An increasing number of businesses, startups and universities are using, teaching or promoting the Threebility methods. More and more and more consultants are applying our methods in workshops and business transformation projects, generating real value for their clients. If you are interested in Threebiltiy and its vision and would like to partner or work with Threebility, please get in touch.

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