Tools for Sustainable Innovation


Easy to learn, use and implement: Our free tools are trusted by an increasing number of corporates, startups and consultants, and taught at university level.
Impact Canvas

The Sustainable Business Model Canvas

This tool helps you to create innovative business models and maximize their triple bottom line impact.

Sustainable Business Innovation Game

The Digital Product Ethics Canvas

This tool helps digital product designers identify and act on possible risks for the product user’s wellbeing.

The Impact Canvas

This tool allows you to systematically identify the critical positive and negative externalities of your business or product.

Sustainable Business Model Canvas

The Sustainable Business Innovation Game

Using examples of 38 proven sustainable business models, this game allows you to complete the Sustainable Business Model Canvas as part of a team exercise.

Digital Product Ethics Canvas
Sustainability SWOT Analysis

The Sustainability SWOT Analysis

This tool helps companies assess their sustainability risks and collaborate with suppliers and other stakeholders.

The Sustainability Balanced Scorecard

This tool helps companies translate their strategic objectives into a sustainability performance framework.

Sustainability Balanced Scorecard







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