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A Sustainable Future - By Design


It is our goal to enable every business, entrepreneur and designer to design more sustainable and impactful products and services. After all, taking sustainability seriously in business is not only good for the planet, it can also be a strong value driver and promote innovation.


To achieve this vision, Threebility develops and promotes tools and games for sustainable product and business model innovation. The Threebility tools are free for everyone, have been proven in the business world over many years and are being taught at university level.

Help Spread The Word


If you are an independent consultant, university lecturer or represent a consulting company, you can help promote our vision by applying and teaching the Threebility methods. We are also interested in guest writers for our blog. If you would like to help spread the word, please get in touch.


Dr. Robert Gerlach

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The name Threebility stands for the Triple-Bottom-Line approach: it is not only the ability to maximise economic outcomes that makes a business competitive, but also the ability to optimise for social and environmental impact.


Threebility has been founded by Robert Gerlach. Robert first started developing tailored methods for sustainable innovation and sustainability management during his time as a management consultant, and has since then developed the methods further whilst working in the Berlin startup world and as a lecturer at the TU-Berlin, the ESCP Europe and at Steinbeis University Berlin.

Partnering Anchor



An increasing number of businesses, startups and universities are using, teaching or promoting the Threebility methods. More and more and more consultants are applying our methods in workshops and business transformation projects, generating real value for their clients. If you are interested in Threebiltiy and its vision and would like to partner or work with Threebility, please get in touch.

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