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Promoting long-term thinking in business and politics

Many business challenges and many of the most pressing problems in our world today cannot be effectively addressed with a short-term mindset. Corporate innovation, sustainable economic and social policy and environmental protection all require long-term planning to make robust decisions.


Unfortunately, decision makers in the corporate world and in public institutions are increasingly pressured to sacrifice long-term benefits for short-term gains. Quarterly capitalism ingrained in companies and electoral cycle induced short-termism in governments result in sub-optimal decisions that threaten economic value, growth and progress in our society.


It is our mission to contribute to solving this challenge by conducting research and by bringing together experts from different disciplines and occupations.


Our goal is the development of effective strategies, design tools and management methodologies using insights from behaviour and decision science to optimise corporate and public sector decision making.

The challenge is enormous. If you are interested in this topic, we encourage you to engage with or support us.

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